Tubeless Made Easy

Inflate tubeless tires anywhere, with any pump, by yourself. With Tubiq, simply insert, pump, and go!

Installing a tubeless tire is a dirty, frustrating, and time consuming job. Today, it really is a challenging process.

Most riders consider it a difficult process that requires technical skills and often require a commercial grade compressor.

What Solutions currently exist?

The material must be purchased separately.

Require the help of a mechanic at the bike shop.

Required a specific pump or compressors

Messy and Dirty. You can do it by yourself if you really want to, but it’s a pain in the butt!

And then there was Tubiq

How Does It Work?

As you pump, the Tubiq system moves within the tire, Pushing the bead against the rim edge. Continue pumping and the tubiq system bursts to seat the tire and release a premium sealant.
This 4 step process allows the users to inflate tubeless wheels in the fastest, cleanest, most efficient way on the market.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

How TUBIQ is different?

in terms of assembly process

We inflate tubeless tires, in a simpler way than replacing an inner tube, by anyone, anywhere.

Users prefer DIY solutions

Installing tubeless tires- must be as easy as inner tube installation

The all-in-one solution and the ability to install anywhere with any pump

With TUBIQ’s technology, you can produce 25-50K units/month with an NRE of only 150K$.

Licensing and royalty revenue streams possible

Possibilities of OEM, B2B & D2C in one business model

What The Industry Says About Tubiq

“As I am sure doesn’t surprise you, the Tubiq worked perfectly with the brand new Racing Ron tire from Schwalbe and carbon wheel from Reynolds”

Former CEO of a leading MTB and components brand

“Very easy to use, we save a huge amount of time in mounting the tires”
Advance creative center of a global leading accessories brand
“We received the first feedback from our MTB Bike Team. Everybody like the idea behind your product”
Gear product manager in one of the biggest D2C bicycle firms

“I have installed 3 systems since I received the Tubiqs, My initial impressions are it works well and is simple to use”

Product manager of one of the biggest tires manufacturer

“The tube inflates nicely and lifts the tire great up to its bead shelf.
Also i believe it detonates at the right pressure”

Tires & wheels specialist in one of the leading bicycle global brands

Market Size

Within the last 15 years, TUBELESS tires get through the market in large numbers. According to Astute Analytica report until 2031, US bicycle tires market will reach 

25 millions tubeless tires.

The global OEM tires market, moving around

15 million tubeless tires every year.

Each and every tire in the market must to be inflated. We see

a potential of 4 millions TUBIQ units with an average unit price of $8.5 in the next 3 years of production.

Starting with OEM corporations backed with key account customers, will allowed us to build a business with

growth rate of over 50% units / year.

The Financial Plan


1st year- funding + 6 month of sales

75K units.
$512K revenue.


2nd year +
full year of sales

215K units.
$1.22M revenue.


3rd year

345K units.
$1.95M revenue.


4rd year

600K units.
$3.42M revenue.


5rd year

1.14M units.
$6.5M revenue.

Investment Opportunity

Our Proposal

Founded in 2021- Company founders invested total of $85K


Production of over 1000 units for in-house and market testing. Connections with some of the leading brands in the industry of tires, wheels, bicycles and sealant.

We’re looking for investors to join our venture.

Join us! 

Itay Groag, Co-Founder & Company leader
Omri Zerach, Co-Founder
Adam Bookwalter, Co-Founder & Sales specialist- distribution channels architect

We created TUBIQ to solve a real problem we have seen in the market over the years. We have what it takes to bring this simple and genius solution to the market.

Itay Groag, Co-Founder & Company leader
Omri Zerach, Co-Founder 
Adam Bookwalter, Co-Founder & Sales specialist- distribution channels architect

Invest in the Future of Tubeless

Help us make a lasting impact on the micro mobility industry and pneumatic wheels